Volta Sound lab VSL is a District based label, that is exclusively signed to Altavoz Distribution for Digital Physical Global distribution. Our current line up of artists is a gambit from DC own Theo Sampel to Wes Wammear, perhaps best know for gutiaring with Waylon. VSL operates as an artists run label and each of it partners are partners in the process, company and outcomes which we've seen to be a proven model for running a 3.0 record label. 

While we're not seeking or signing, you never know so with that in mind please use our the following page to submit your Music Tryouts to be part of the Volta/Altavoz family. 

Background on the name:  It's a shout out to the original sound recording label Volta Laboratory and  Bureau Labs, run by Alexander Graham Bell and founded in 1880–1881 and part of the profits from VLS will be donated to the up keep of this history part of sound recording history.

More information coming soon. 

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